What is included in this membership?

  • One routine eye exam per year, including Optos* and Contact Lens Evaluation
  • Any prescription rechecks that may be needed throughout the year.
  • 50% off eyeglass purchases
  • Special member only offers straight to your e-mail
  • Same day emergency vision services with a Stratton Eyes doctor

How much is the membership?

Adults (Over 18) are $18/ month with a 12 month commitment. Children 18 and under are $14/month with a 12 month commitment.

Do you offer a discounted membership for children?

Yes! Children 18 years and younger are eligible for this membership at a discounted rate of $14 per month

How much will a complete pair of glasses cost me?

Members receive a 50% discount on all retail eyeglass pricing. This pricing is available to members only.

When does this subscription end?

The VIP membership is a 12 month commitment. The membership will renew automatically at the end of 12 months. Patients may cancel the renewal in writing one month prior to their end date.

What is the discount on Contact Lenses?

Membership includes a rebate on year supplies of contact lenses only. The rebate amount will vary according to manufacturer.

Are the costs of medical eye visits included with membership? (i.e. pink eye, eye injury, etc.)

You will be seen the same day for medical issues if you desire, but the costs of these visits are outside of the membership benefit. We will gladly file medical visits with your health insurance and you will pay your copay as determined by your health insurance policy.

How will this work with my vision insurance?

This plan can not be combined with vision insurance plans. We have created this plan to provide patients with a cost effective alternative to vision insurance.


*The Optos is a panoramic digital image of the retina produced by Optos scanning laser technology. This technology allows your doctor to visually diagnose diseases of the eye such as diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration.